Take Me to the Philippines

I read in one magazine that the Philippines has a growing number of organic farms in their different regions. I also read that they are family farms and have started their own product companies which feature a lot of their organic products.

Aside from having a lot of nice islands and beaches to boot for, this country is really astonishing in its own right.

In one video i saw, there are a lot of organic farms because of the need of a lot of family to save money as well as have their own source of healthy food without preservatives. These food–like fruits and vegetables–are all grown in their small farms. I also heard that a lot of fathers wanted their kids to continue what they started. I hope I can meet these farmers when I go the Philippines when we have a family vacation time. I will definitely visit at least one or two farms. Right now, I am searching for their business websites and I would love to get your suggestions. Please send them in to me!

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