A Review On My Own Electric Scooter from Unu Motors

My husband bought me an electric scooter made in The Netherlands. In the place, it is called as the  elektrische scooter by its makers Unu Motors.

Last weekend, I used it to see my mother three blocks aways from our home. I whipped up a box of cookies and I would like to give my mother some so I drove all the way there on a rush hour. Because I have my electric scooter with me, I decided to take a small and an alternate route to get there and avoid the rush hour.

The experience was absolutely amazing. Imagine, before when i hail a taxi, my usual travel time takes 30 minutes. However this time with my new electric scooter, I only had 10 minutes! Just imagine that and imagine the many times I actually wasted my time where I can have a better option for transportation.

I also love how Unu Motors made it with a portable battery which I can use up to three days. It is very eco-friendly and I love that it does not create any noise at all. Lovely for those who want peace of mind while on the road.

I think i will be buying another Unu Motors for my sister who is in college. She leaves in a dormitory and I guess she also needs this one as her university is six blocks away from her boarding house. This will be a big help for her. i only wish Unu Motors could also have stores available in different parts of the world.

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