Americans and Canadians: What can you say about Amazon?



Now, I can say that I know for a fact that people used to have a pretty negative opinion about Amazon Prime, specifically people in Canada. Why was there a more negative opinion in Canada? Well, to be honest, they deserved it. They were not offering certain services, like streaming, and Canada when they already were in the United States, and the price difference was not very different. Unfortunately Canada in the USA are close enough that you can basically have a good idea of what’s going on in each other’s country, so, if a company is offering a much better deal to Americans and they are two Canadians, is Right hard to justify being a support of that product in Canada, especially cuz of the sibling rivalry between our two Nations. Now, is Amazon Prime just another passing phase– technology companies in general always do, or maybe not always, but that the often the faith that they suffer, and as soon as you begin to support one product or chain of products, or some brand, another brand comes and Does It Better. Or that brand stops adapting and falls behind, and you had already invested in them, in several different ways, look at Blackberry for example. People were stubborn about that for quite a while, even when everybody else it seemed imminent that the rise of Apple and Android and Google, as well as a few other foreign brands, spelling the end of Blackberry’s days of profithowever, I really don’t think that this is going to be the case with Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime is something totally unique, and it’s not something that is just going to be replaced, because it continues to add features and grow with consumer demand. So, is Amazon Prime worth it? I think it definitely is.

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