Traveling with Family


Are you traveling with your family? You should not forget the must-have travel essentials so it will not be such a hassle for you when you are on the road. Here are some of my travel essentials you might want to cop:

  1. Cameras- Of course, you should not forget taking pictures of your family members while you are on the road. Capture those moments!
  2. Clothes- Travel light. Do not forget to pack on those swim wear, jackets, and shirts if you are traveling long term
  3. Cash- You need to have cash with you, aside from your cards just in case
  4. Timepieces- I definitely recommend having wood watches.  Try the Zegarki styles. These are great timepieces and fits whatever you do
  5. Travel insurance- be covered just in case
  6. Notebook- jot down your thoughts while on the road
  7. Medicines- you do not want to get stuck in sickness while you are on the road. Be prepared.

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