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I hate long term responsibilities except for work. I love working my ass off! Well, I am tech specialitst and I deal with access point test, computers, internet, technology and all. A child is to whom we offer our whole lives with—same to a husband in which I don’t like having too. I am a career-oriented person and as far as I can see, having a child will limit myself to work on the job or grab the job that I truly want because I have to weigh my time over a child and the load of work.

Lastly, it’s maybe because I am afraid and too weak to have one or at least to deserve one. Having a child or to raise a child is for someone who’s emotionally, physically, and mentally strong. It is for someone who can manage a life of hustle and flexibility at the same time. It is for someone who is brave enough to get to surpass the challenges of being a parent. It is for someone who can be selfless at all times. And, it is for everyone but not me.

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