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It’s when you come to another country and realize your priorities have shifted a bit. I still enjoy the sights and the trails while here in Peru but while my group via Peak Explorations venture out on a tour of Sacred Valley, I decided to stay behind to explore not the tourist attractions but specifically, a potential place to call home. I started hunting for a room/apartment to rent. The more I think about it, the more I realize, Peru is a great base for me to satisfy overdue goals such as learning Spanish and visiting all its trails to enjoy the Andes.

But I also will get to work closely on my women empowerment projects, work on my photography skills thanks to my local operator friend for a potential to join him on some of his trips, and work on numerous itineraries for Bolivia – a gem I have yet to explore fully as a hiker.

Plus, I’ll be at high altitude all the time to prepare me for Nepal’s Great Himalaya Trail, I’d be eating seafood like I hope to do and live in a place surrounded by mountains, I can teach English online or at a local school here, it shares the same time zone as U.S. for convenience in attending business meetings, and the flights to U.S. and back are cheap enough…and the kitties I trust can endure the 7-9 hour flight ordeal without much trauma in the rest of their feline lives.

Another perk? I expect many of my DC cohorts to come to Peru – after all – it’s one of the best places for travel… hence, I’ll see them here as much as I will see them when I venture to America. And if I’m lucky, they’ll bring me some loot (e.g. outdoor gear). It’s safe enough, wifi is strong, the coffee is amazing, there’s yoga and meditation if needed, I can pass as Peruvian and once I am finally fluent in Spanish, I can indulge in the advantages for passing as a local…and culturally, it’s reminiscent of the Philippines so on some occasions, I may even go to a mass at a Catholic church. Have I convinced myself enough to be here?

If not, then I’d like to remind myself the rent can be as cheap as $200 a month, just a few blocks from the center of Cusco where I get to sit by this window staring out as I find myself nostalgically reminiscing about my old life as a lawyer and reminding myself of the best decision I ever made in my life.

Kilimanjaro trek is one that affords you a wild and raw experience on the trail as Northern Circuit is the most remote trail in the park.  In our opinion, it’s the best trail compared to the other options.  Why? One, not only is it remote, it’s considered the most beautiful trail to take up Kilimanjaro.  Also, the success rate is at its highest given you have the most days to climb up and get used to the altitude.  If you’re going to climb the highest point of Africa, then do it right – pick the longest route to avoid altitude sickness.

I’m in Cusco now and about to do the all women trek to Machu Picchu via Huchuy-Qosqo.  Stay tuned for trekking photos of our journey.  I am enjoying my journey, really. This nomad liestyle is eally satisfyin me up to the core.

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