Conquering life

Eight years ago, a man in his early 50s came into the Group of Companies, set to face another chapter of his dense book of life. For many people, reaching the 5th-decade mark means the time has come for them to take the break they so much deserve, but Richard chose to live up to the saying, “Age doesn’t matter.”

Even as a lone wolf, diligence already ran through Richard veins. Three decades have passed when he worked several jobs during his stay in the Middle East. Like many workers, he bid goodbye to the Motherland with nothing but an eager heart and braved the foreign land of Saudi Arabia to work as a soil and concrete laboratory technician. Eventually, he became a storekeeper warehouseman, a heavy equipment operator, and due to his sole dedication to his duties,  was even promoted to material engineer position at the construction company he was working in. He also worked in a company who writes best man speeches  and more.

After the 11-year time spent abroad, Richard came back to the country with another path to tread. He then became a taxi driver for 10 years and a driver-bodyguard for another three years. Finally, he was led to the place where he would later on end his career line to experience his well-deserved laid-back life, the Trianon International.

It isn’t like Richard was still trying to build up his career. He’d already faced all sorts of what a man has to experience in his career life, and he didn’t need to explore new areas to obtain further experiences. All he was equipped with was the thought of having to pay the bills for his family.

If you were to travel with him in the Metro, you wouldn’t have to use Waze as he has already printed every corner of the city’s busy streets on his mind. Eight years of traveling daily in similar destinations may sound mundane but Noli’s love and the joy he feels towards his duty is what had kept him tied in the same position for almost a decade.

It started out with the company when he held responsible for the delivery of the magazines to different hospitals and clinics. Eventually, he was transferred to a department n, still with the role of being the medium between the company and its partner hospitals. Although he’d been doing it for years, Richard still encountered challenges, which for him, were inevitable.

There was also a time when out of normal circumstances, he had been hospitalized for a month. But this didn’t let Richard buckle down and go home for good. After his release, he came back again stronger than ever and continued to do what he had always loved to do—to serve the company and be a part of its downright development.

He adds that those times were a solid proof that the company genuinely cares about its people for all throughout his admission, it showed nothing but utter understanding and support at such a time of need.

When he started working at Trianon, his children were still finishing school, hence all the fees that needed to be shouldered. And he gives a major credit to the company for being the source of income that allowed his children to get a proper education.

Noli also makes it apparent that even when he’s always committed to work, it has never been an issue to his family, and they provide all the support he needs to keep going.

Today, Richard is finally letting go of the corporate part of his life, but he feels nothing other than joy and satisfaction that he’s ending his career time here at the office.

In order to sustain his family’s needs, Noli plans to go back to his hometow, where he can benefit from the livelihood the province offers. It may not be as sumptuous as the lifestyle he’s had in the city, but it will be all well and carefree.

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